SEO : From A to B

Bill asked a question.

I am very confused on where to start (with SEO).

I have read many articles on Search Engine Journal and videos on YouTube.

I mean at times it is very overwhelming and directionless, some actionable insights on where and how to get started with SEO.

Overwhelmed and Directionless


So Bill deserves some actionable solutions for his honesty.

Simplicity is on the other side of complexity

Imagine you were back learning to drive a car again.

Would you be given information on how energy, combustion, cylinders and pistons work ?

Would you bollocks !

Here’s the steering wheel, gear stick and the ABC; accelerator, brake, clutch.

  • Turn on the engine 
  • foot of clutch
  • Go to 1st gear
  • ease off the clutch
  • ease on the accelerator
  • move the car forward and drive to the end of this street.

That’s how you are taught.

Back when you were learning to drive, you stalked it, the car shaked like an earthquake and sweat burst out of you like an overflowing bath.

Today, you can do this blindfolded.

You learn to drive to get from A to B.

So the job of SEO is to get you from A to B

Let’s stick with the car analogy.

To get from A to B you need a vehicle.

That’s a website.

Then you need to buy fuel.

Fuel = content and links.

How much fuel do you put in ?

That depends on where you are going.

How do you find out where you’re going ?

Use a map or sat nav ie: a plan

When you have a vehicle, fuel and a map/plan then you can set off, follow the route and get to the destination.

  • Website
  • Content
  • Links
  • Plan to get from A to B

So Bill, here’s your roadmap.

  • Where are you now (A) ?
  • Where do you want to go (B) ?
  • Here’s how to get there.

Right click this image, print it out and keep it on your desk as daily reminder about SEO.

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