SEO Competitor Keywords by Fraser McCulloch

SEO Competitor Keywords

Learn how to use 4 tools so you can do a competitor seo keyword analysis and steal their traffic.

One of 60 training modules included inside for SEO Box.

Steal traffic or better serve the user ?

If the idea of stealing your competitors keywords unsettles you; reframe that with this.

“My goal is to provide the user with the best, most useful content for the search they made if that means I outrank someone else so be it.”

What's included?

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Training Course Content

2 mins
How to do a competitor seo keyword analysis (Document Download)
Site Explorer
Site Explorer step 1
6 mins
Site Explorer step 2
5 mins
Site Explorer step 3
5 mins
Site Explorer step 4
5 mins
Content Gap
Content Gap step 1
10 mins
Content Gap step 2
5 mins
Content Gap step 3
6 mins
Content Explorer
Content explorer step 1
7 mins
Content explorer step 2
6 mins
Content explorer step 3
8 mins
Ubersuggest step 1
5 mins
Ubersuggest step 2
3 mins
Ubersuggest step 3
5 mins
Ubersuggest step 4
7 mins

Fraser McCulloch

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