Organic Traffic Conversion by Fraser McCulloch

Organic Traffic Conversion

How to convert your traffic from Google into leads or sales.
One of 60 training modules included inside SEO Box for £67 per month.

Once you get traffic you have to convert it

The whole point of SEO is earn traffic to your website.
Once people are on your website then you need to persuade them to take the next step; visit the next page, fill in a form, add a product to a basket or buy.

Strategies to convert

I'll teach you some strategies I've used on my own website to convert brand new visitors into sales leads and customers.

SEO Box includes

This course maybe included in SEO Box membership.

SEO Box is a monthly membership programme where I teach SEO strategies that you can implement.

SEO Box currently includes the following courses.

  • Advanced Keyword Research
  • SEO Audit
  • How to plan and structure a website
  • Create SEO content
  • Content Promotion on autopilot
  • Fix website bounce rates.

What's included?

Video Icon 10 videos


3 mins
Example Conversion Rates
5 mins
How I convert organic traffic
4 mins
Why conversions happen part 1
3 mins
Why conversions happen part 2
9 mins
Install Plugin
5 mins
Create PDF or content upgrade
5 mins
Set up content upgrade
12 mins
Resources and examples
8 mins
Closing thoughts
4 mins

Fraser McCulloch

Hi, welcome to my training website.
Unlike typical SEO’s, I use Search Audience Marketing to discover your search audience, create content & answers to grow your traffic.