Link Intent

This is a training course teaching you how to earn links to your website without email outreach.

One of 60 training modules included inside SEO Box.

Probably the most important lesson in link building

I just stumbled across your article !

I believe we've reached the point where cold outreach is no longer viable.

But there is a better way to earn links.

And that's what I'm going to teach you in this training module.

In addition you'll receive a spreadsheet of "link intent" ideas you can use for you and your clients.

What's included?

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Introduction - Why this course ?
1 min
Examples of poor outreach
2 mins
Alternative to email outreach
1 min
Why do stats, facts and data get links ?
1 min
Who are THEY who link ?
1 min
Step 1
1 Search by organic keywords
5 mins
Step 2
Best by links marketing
4 mins
Best by links design industry
4 mins
Best by links fashion
3 mins
Best by links home decor
4 mins
Best by links insurance
5 mins
Best by links accounting and finance
5 mins
Step 3
Content explorer to find link intent ideas
8 mins
Step 4
6 mins
Step 5
Data sources
7 mins
Step 6
Create graphics and charts
7 mins
14 How not to do it
4 mins
Summary : step by step process
7 mins
Pre-researched Link Intent Examples

Fraser McCulloch

Hi, welcome to my training website.
Unlike typical SEO’s, I use Search Audience Marketing to discover your search audience, create content & answers to grow your traffic.