23 Proven Easy to Rank Content Ideas for web professionals by Fraser McCulloch

23 Proven Easy to Rank Content Ideas for web professionals

Join SEO Box for £67 a month and get these 23 Proven Content Ideas valued at £299.00 along with 60 SEO training modules.

How are these content ideas proven ?

These content ideas are proven because the research I've down shows page examples with high organic traffic, the pages all rank for 100 + same as keywords and the keyword difficulty is low; thus creating these pages topics is relatively easy to rank.

What's included?

Video Icon 26 videos File Icon 3 files

List of Content Ideas

5 mins
12 mins
How to use these content ideas
3 mins
Make Copy Content Ideas Spreadsheet
Make Copy of Content Ideas Slides
How keyword difficulty is estimated
Topic 1 : Contact pages
9 mins
Topic 2 : Instagram profiles
7 mins
Topic 3 : Scheduling Posts
5 mins
Topic 4 : Screen recording
6 mins
Topic 5 : Advertising sites
4 mins
Topic 6 : Hootsuite & Buffer
6 mins
Topic 7 : Office 365
4 mins
Topic 8 : Facebook gifs
4 mins
Topic 9 : TL;DR
4 mins
Topic 10 : RGB v CMYK
6 mins
Topic 11 : Brand Guidelines
5 mins
Topic 12 : Facebook events
5 mins
Topic 13 : Linkedin profile
5 mins
Topic 14 : Photoshop
2 mins
Topic 15 : Graphic design
3 mins
Topic 16 : Photoshop alternatives
4 mins
Topic 17 : Instagram apps
5 mins
Topic 18 : Blog posts
4 mins
Topic 19 : Website design
4 mins
Topic 20 : Email clients
5 mins
Topic 21 : Statement of work
5 mins
Topic 22 : Customer journey
6 mins
Topic 23 : Facebook images
6 mins


What do I get ?

You receive the all the keyword research done for 26 topics, the page title, the slides, the number of links required to rank on page and a video outlining how to create the content.

Do I need to take out a keyword research subscription?

If you just buy this module then no keyword research subscription is required because all the research has been done for you.

Is there a money back guarantee ?

Not really, once you've paid for or access the research, you're deemed to have consumed the product.

Can I sell these ideas to my customers?

Why not, be my guest.

What support do you provide ?

Under each section you can leave any comments or questions and I'll be happy to answer you.

Why are these ideas valued at £799?

I offer a keyword research and content planning service to web agencies and 20 topics would be priced at £799.

What's included in SEO Box Training Membership

Here's a list of the current training modules inside SEO Box

Includes access to 27 products:

• 15 Minute Page Upgrade Strategy
• Advanced Internal Link Building
• Advanced Keyword Research with Ahrefs
• Bounce Rates
• Broken Link Building
• Content Creation Workflow 
• Content Promotion on autopilot
• Donkeys and Unicorns
• Google My Business
• How to create a WordPress website for SEO
• How to plan & structure a website for SEO
• How to use WordPress Content Management System
• Infographic Link Building
• Internal Links
• Keyword Research for a new website
• Keyword Research Strategies for Web Professionals
• List Posts
• Local SEO and Citation Building
• Organic Traffic Conversion
• SEO Content Course
• SEO Dashboards
• SEO Hacks and Tips
• SEO Website Audit
• Structured Data
• UX Playbook For Lead Generation Websites
• Web Prototypes
• WordPress Gutenberg
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