1000 + Clicks by Fraser McCulloch

1000 + Clicks

Over 130 researched keywords where there's over 1000 clicks a month to the top ranked pages. This module is included within SEO Box membership.

130 topics fully researched

I've researched 130 topics in the UK and USA that you can use as blog posts or even new business ideas.
The research contains the search volume, traffic to the top pages, the number of keywords the top pages rank for and the number of links to their page.
Then I'll  teach you want content to create to rank.

A few words about this training module

I'll be adding 4 new training modules in the next month to the 40+ modules SEO Box already contains.

What's included?

Video Icon 4 videos File Icon 3 files


3 mins
1000 + UK Clicks explained
9 mins
100+ Clicks - UK
2000 + USA Clicks Explained
6 mins
2000 + Clicks - USA
Spreadsheet with raw data
How to use spreadsheet raw data
4 mins

Fraser McCulloch

Hi, welcome to my training website.
Unlike typical SEO’s, I use Search Audience Marketing to discover your search audience, create content & answers to grow your traffic.